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All You Need to Know About Chafed Skin

After one is done a long-distance ran, they are likely to experience a burning sensation on their thighs. This is because the skin in the area is chafed. Chafed skin is incredibly irritating, and if not taken care of, the care can get infected. Fortunately, being informed about it will help prevent and care for it. Below are causes, prevention and medical care for chafed skin.

Wet skin is one of the most common reasons for chaffing. This, however, it does not mean that you must enter a pool of water. The tiny amount of sweat excreted during the run is enough to cause chaffing. Fortunately, applying a small layer of talcum powder before the run will keep the moisture away. Also, it is advisable to change in new clothes once done with the run or exercise.

Failure to lubricate during the workout is also a cause. One fact is that as one exercise, the skin rubs together. This will result into friction which leads to chaffing. For this reason, it would be best if you apply some lubricant on the surface. Since there are many lubricants in the market, you might end up trying out different options before finding your ideal one. You can choose to tape your nipple to avoid friction.

The type of material you choose has a significant role to play. As much as cotton may be ideal for other situations, it does not suit exercises. For starters, you need to know that cotton takes the longest time to dry. And, chaffing is caused by wet fabric rubbing on to skin. It would help if you go for synthetic fibers or wool. These fabrics are more comfortable to move in and keep away moisture.

Wearing clothes that do not fit could also be a cause. Clothes that are too tight will cut into your skin. Moreover, since air has limited access to your skin, it will be impossible to keep dry. At the same time, baggy clothes will cause friction. For this reason, it is advisable to ensure the clothes fit properly before working out in them.

However fitting the clothes maybe, if they have seams and tags, you still experience chaffing. It would be thus preferable to ensure the seams in the cloth cause zero friction. If you are in a position to, do not buy clothes that have tags.

Dehydration is also a significant cause of chaffing. If you are dehydrated; your sweat contains high amounts of salt. As a result, the salt will irritate and rub against your skin. To be on the safer side, always have access to water when exercising.

If you already feel the irritation, stop exercising and give the skin ample time to dry.
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